In order to start earning rewards such as revenue share, users will first need to lock their VSP tokens. The revenue each esVSP holder earns will be influenced by their respective weights. These weights are dependent on the amount of VSP they’ve locked and the duration of the lock, which can be between 1 week to 2 years (730 days), with a maximum multiplier of 4x.

How does it work?

To calculate your esVSP, you can use the following formula:

  1. Boost: MaxBoost * Lockup Duration / Max Lockup

  2. Boosted Balance: Balance * Boost

  3. Total esVSP Balance: VSP Balance + Boost Balance


Suppose a user decides to lock their 1000 VSP tokens for a period of 2 years (730 days). Using the formulas above:

Boost: 4 * 730 / 730 = 4

Boosted Balance: 1000 * 4 = 4000

Total esVSP Balance: 1000 + 4000 = 5000 esVSP

How To Lock

  1. Visit https://app.vesper.finance/eth/locked-vsp and connect you wallet

  2. Select “Lock”

  3. Use the slider to choose your lock amount and then click “Next”

  4. Choose your lockup duration

  5. Select “Lock VSP” and confirm the transaction

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