Multi-Chain and Cross-Chain Deployments

Multi-Chain and Cross-Chain Deployments

Vesper has been engineered to make its contracts easy to port Ethereum and Ethereum-like blockchains such as Polygon and Avalanche, and eventually to newer protocols that are not modeled on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Vesper Pools on Polygon and Avalanche

The fees to use the Ethereum Network are high. High fees affect all users, but they particularly exclude a large portion of the world, people of modest means, from participating in DeFi at all. One of Vesper's stated principles is to be inclusive in crypto, bringing the benefits of financial freedom and financial inclusion to as many people as possible.

With that in mind, Vesper has deployed the VSP token and a selection of Grow pools on the Polygon and Avalanche Networks as a first step towards making Vesper more accessible to broader communities. These pools will route through the likes of Aave and Curve to earn the greatest sustainable yield presented on those platforms.

Additionally, the Vesper community has voted via the governance system to whitelist a number of chains and L2 platforms. Polygon is just the first of many “spokes” in the expanding Vesper network.

For Vesper depositors, choosing which network to participate on is as simple as selecting from the pull-down on the Vesper App. Note, however, that in order to use Vesper pools on Avalanche (or any other platform), you must have assets on that platform.

Polygon and Avalanche are a "sidechains." A sidechain is a separate blockchain which runs in parallel to the Ethereum Mainnet and operates independently. Vesper's smart contracts that are deployed to them are very similar, if not identical, those deployed to Ethereum. Polygon, Avalanche, and a number of other Layer 2 and EVM-compatible chains will follow this pattern.

Yield Sources For the Same Pools Differ on Each Blockchain

Note that even though Vesper pools on sidechains leverage the same smart contract code as their counterpart pools on the Ethereum mainnet, the yield sources, and thus returns, will likely be different.

VSP Rewards May Differ on Each Blockchain

Some Vesper Grow pools offer participants rewards for participation in the form of VSP tokens. The VSP yield is in addition to the base asset. That is, if, for example, a USDC pool has VSP rewards, it yields both USDC and VSP. The rewards on other blockchains do not always follow the same schedule as rewards for the corresponding Grow Pools on Ethereum. Rewards are subject to periodic adjustment. To see the current reward for any pool on either blockchain, use the Vesper app.

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