Vesper Pool Metadata

Every pool has metadata associated with it that is stored in JSON format in the Vesper repository. This information is used, for example, by the Vesper app. By consulting this file you can get a helpful overview of all Vesper pools, controllers and supported tokens.

Most of the fields should be self-explanatory, but a few of the fields in the pool descriptions are some worth a bit of elaboration. Consider the example below, for the vDAI Vesper Grow pool. Start with looking at the values of the 'name' field (vDAI) and the 'asset' field (DAI). These values tell us that Internally to the pool, calculations are done in units of the vDAI claim token, and that to participate in this pool, the user deposits DAI.

The 'chainID' field tells us whether the pool is deployed to the Ethereum mainnet, (chainID = 1) or another chain such as Polygon (chainID = 137) or Avalanche (chainID = 43114).

The 'risklevel' field denotes the perceived risk associated with this pool. These values are used, among other things, to indicate whether a pool is labeled as 'conservative' or 'aggressive' in the Vesper App.

The 'stage' field indicates where the pool is in its lifecycle. Possible values include 'beta' for pools under development, 'orbit' for riskier pools offered under Vesper Orbit, 'back' for pools that only service other pools, 'prod' for pools in production under the Vesper brand, and 'retired' for pools that are no longer supported.

The 'type' field values include 'grow,' 'earn' and 'governance'. This list will grow as new kinds of Vesper products are developed.

// Some code  
      "name": "vDAI",
      "poolName": "vDAI Pool",
      "address": "0xcA0c34A3F35520B9490C1d58b35A19AB64014D80",
      "asset": "DAI",
      "birthblock": 11594191,
      "chainId": 1,
      "riskLevel": 3,
      "stage": "prod",
      "symbol": "vDAI",
      "decimals": 18,
      "logoURI": "",
      "type": "grow"

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