Vesper Participants
The following terms outline the participants in the Vesper ecosystem and the roles that they play.

The team that originally created the Vesper platform. They are compensated with a portion of the originally minted VSP tokens.

Developers are Vesper community members who contribute strategies to the Vesper platform. They are compensated with a percentage of the fees generated within the strategies they author.

Members of the Vesper community that hold VSP tokens will be able to cast votes on proposals and receive a share of Vesper revenue by holding and staking VSP tokens.

Pool participants are Vesper's core users, making them a critical part of the community from Day 1. They often hold VSP tokens, but regardless they have an important voice in the community that is expressed through both their capital allocations and their participation in community conversations.

At inception, Vesper pool parameters and contract upgrades are managed by multisig keyholders, whose members include the founding team and external partners. Multisig keyholders execute the decisions made by the VSP community.
The initial composition of the Vesper multisig includes founding team members, and will quickly expand to include external partners. You can learn more about Vesper's decentralization roadmap in the section on the Decentralization Plan.

Before new strategies are deployed to the Vesper platform, they will need to undergo extensive security audits by professional penetration testing firms. There auditors will be paid with Vesper reserve funds, and will ensure that new contracts are held to the highest levels of scrutiny before users interact with them.

Liquidity Providers assist the Vesper community by providing two-sided liquidity to a VSP pair on the Uniswap platform.
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