Pool and Strategy Creation and Deployment

To understand how the Vesper software ecosystem works, you need to have a general understanding not just of the smart contracts that implement pools and strategies and related functionality, but of the supporting infrastructure for creating, managing and deploying those contracts.

The processes and software tools that provide this infrastructure fall under the heading of 'pool operations' ('pool ops') or 'development operations' ('dev-ops).

This Guide is not intended to explain Vesper pool ops or dev ops. Its aim is simply to point you in the right direction for you to study the appropriate code on your own. In particular, the "deploy' and 'deployments' directories in the top level of the Vesper repository for any given framework level contain the JavaScript programs and JSON files used to deploy pools and pass them the initial values of their key parameters, as in the codes snippet below.

You will also find in the repository directories for tests, helpers, tasks, and so on. Once you have a conceptual understanding of pools, strategies, proxies and upgrading, studying the code in these directories should give you a sound understanding of Vesper software engineering.

// Some code
Deployment will be done via custom `hardhat task deploy-pool` which behind the scene uses deploy scripts created using `hardhat-deploy`
### Usage
* Help
   npx hardhat help deploy-pool

* Deploy Vesper pool
  1. Add pool configuration in `./helper/mainnet/poolConfig.js` file.
     - Some default config for setup and rewards are already defined at top of file, override them as needed.
     - Replace mainnet in `./helper/mainnet/poolConfig.js` with arbitrum/avalanche/polygon as needed.

   Example configuration for `VDAI`
     VDAI: {
      contractName: 'VPool',
      poolParams: ['vDAI Pool', 'vDAI', Address.DAI],
      setup: { ...setup },
      rewards: { ...rewards },

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